Commitment Expert Corinne Blum Leads individuals Down the Path to Self-Discovery and Lasting Love

The Quick type: From an early age, Corinne Blum knew she planned to devote the woman life to helping individuals. Switching inward to find out what made her own mind and thoughts tick, she learned that the keys to fostering private growth and healthy connections put in hooking up with what she calls The Authentic Self. For the past 14 decades, Corinne has-been directing consumers on trips of self-discovery by showing all of them exactly how experiences and real person interactions sculpt the methods they approach existence. Through a myriad of techniques situated in both spirituality and research, Corinne provides the equipment folks need certainly to develop fulfilling bonds by first understanding how to love and appreciate themselves.


From a young age, Corinne Blum ended up being contemplating self-exploration. At 15, Corinne’s previous stepfather introduced their to the world of reflection, which brought this lady interior world into higher focus. But, whenever a personal injury sidelined the woman pro ballet career at get older 21, she felt an even greater want to dive inward discover by herself. Corinne got a year off from dancing, and, before she realized it, that season had turned into five.

In that time, Corinne started her own spiritual trip to find whom she was beyond your field of dance. Now a mama, spouse, existence mentor, and relationship expert, Corinne informed you that trip became the catalyst that launched her philosophy of The Authentic Self.

“I noticed I wanted to support folks in learning who they really are,” she stated. “a huge section of that became connections since they are these an intense and delightful road to self-discovery.”

Corinne stated her mentoring style is dependent, in big part, on how people see by themselves.

“If I can help somebody in feeling think its great’s okay in order for them to be just who they truly are, on all levels, I quickly feel I’ve done my personal task well,” she said.

Situated in London, Corinne did with consumers world-wide. A lot of are usually single, pro ladies in their belated 30s to very early 40s who are attempting to learn by themselves in order to find someone. Corinne’s internet site ( offers an overview of the sessions and products she proposes to couples and individuals.

“There are several people i have caused through their entire process — from coming to me perhaps not experiencing good about themselves as well as their capacity to attract a link to after that building a bond, engaged and getting married, and having children,” she said. “I have seen that entire arc. It’s an attractive thing to observe somebody truly transforming into just who they are and from that location, manifest stuff they demand in life.”

The Philosophy: Uncover your own genuine Self discover Love

Corinne describes The Authentic personal as just who we honestly are. It’s the essence under the goggles and layers we often wear in culture. We should take away the various masks we wear and peel away the layers in our restricted home to reveal our very own Authentic personal and discover really love, Corinne described.

“Authenticity is an integral term for my situation,” she stated. “this really is about experience ok with exactly who we’re. That is my personal greatest drive behind the things I do.”

Corinne’s procedure for self-discovery begins by getting out of the head and hooking up aided by the body. This, she explained, is the place in which our wisdom lies additionally the capability to heal begins. Allowing get of one’s inner mental constraints can result in self-confidence, empowerment, and a sense of control.

“Some people arrived at us to function with their stuff. They often think trapped within by themselves, like one thing is actually wrong with whom they inherently tend to be,” she mentioned. “For this, we take all of them through a lot more of everything I name The Authentic personal plan. That’s about learning who they are and working through their particular restricting values and patterns they are caught within.”

The Corinne’s consumers are generally in relationships, nonetheless they should get internal energy to aid grow their particular ties. However, some consumers come to her purposefully for the sake of locating somebody.

“They keep bringing in exactly the same type of partner that is not providing them or even the exact same sorts of commitment that is not really exercising on their behalf,” she stated. “I take them through an eight-week course of manifesting their unique soulmate.”

Manifesting the Soulmate starts with the understanding that you need to end searching for “usually the one” and as an alternative learn to obtain them. In Corinne’s program, she guides her clients to show the paradigm around while supplying resources and visualization to draw a soulmate.

“step one, however, is actually finding your Authentic personal because from that destination we are able to bring in the proper method of commitment for people,” she stated. “one that’s in alignment with which we certainly are and which reflects whatever you most deeply desire regarding relationship and existence. In the long run, it will become less about what kind of commitment we would like to bring in and more about exactly who we wish to take that relationship.”

Repair Wounds and Empower Yourself Through Coaching

As a coach, Corinne reveals individuals how-to heal the wounds which were creating uncertainty and uncertainty in their resides. She told all of us life is a journey in which there’s nothing one-sided or black-and-white. This is why, she often combines a meditation education strategy labeled as Theta Healing into her approach in an effort to foster relaxation and fortify the mind, body, and character. This method was developed by Vianna Stibal in 1995, and, according to Corinne, it’s got proven to be useful to dealing with clients holistically.

“i believe it’s really important that whatever I’m operating through with somebody is completed both throughout the conscious and subconscious amount because we carry situations both in spots,” she mentioned. “we work a large number with having people in their emotions and to their human body.”

Theta Healing is a healing technique that really works on a subconscious amount, making use of the theta brainwave, which occurs before falling asleep or waking up. Corinne works together her consumers physically, over the telephone, or via Skype to make use of the theta brainwave through a number of directions that in the long run releases and replaces limiting beliefs with positive people.

Additional training methods Corinne implements consist of singles and lovers relationship mentoring and dealing utilizing the Third Entity, a form of power that will be created whenever two individuals bond, also referred to as the connection between two different people. Corinne said whenever the Third Entity is actually known, lovers are able to be much more objective whenever problems occur — leading to a healthy, lasting relationship constructed on a foundation of synergy and love.

“I feel like my part as helpful tips would be to simply support individuals and link them to just who they’re,” she said. “It isn’t really like I’m informing folks simple tips to stay their unique schedules. I’m more connecting them and guiding these to familiarize yourself with themselves on a deeper, much more genuine degree. It Is an attractive affirmation and expression when someone comes home and says ‘Wow. That basically altered living.’ It really is greatly rewarding, and it is everything I positively love about achieving this work.”

Drive Therapy — Move a strength, Change a Thought

Corinne views your body as an amazing supply of knowledge that’s frequently underutilized. As a former professional dancing dancer, she realizes that her body is her most important instrument and its particular production is actually action.

She mentioned without activity, both literally and psychologically, we are at a standstill (or we become flat). Corinne believes you remembers stress in addition to problems and joys in our presence. Additionally, it shops our thoughts — both mindful and subconscious — and is also the barometer for how we have been feeling, what we require, what we should fear so much, and whatever you wish. Within her Movement Therapy periods, she’s individuals consider calling their health and learning how to feel — in place of counting on your head’s restricted ability of contemplating what is believed.

“easily’m working with somebody one-on-one, I’ll include Movement Therapy because It’s my opinion there’s a lot of wisdom presented within the body,” she mentioned. “most could work is carried out not so much for the brain, but really stepping into the human body’s knowledge and linking with the intuition.”

Advantages of motion treatment include the discharge of anxiety, anxiousness, stress, and emotional obstructions in addition to offering grounding, security, and confidence.

The long run for Corinne: publications and a Radio Show

Over the last 14 years, Corinne has actually aided numerous folks cure injuries and find really love through her concept of The genuine personal. These days, the connection expert and life coach is concentrating on increasing her younger child, creating an innovative new guide, and generating a conversational-style radio tv show.

“I’d like to create a radio program where I am able to have an alive dialogue with people,” she stated. “we write a large number on social media marketing, and much of the comments I get is the fact that it really is a discussion that folks are actually thinking about having because i am extremely prone in my posting. “

Corinne told united states the program will talk about subjects the majority are worried to breach — consequently normalizing these topics and making them acceptable factors of discussion.

When it comes to book, the key assumption, Corinne stated, may be the surge of this girly and exactly what it way to end up being a female in a patriarchal culture.

“It’s about the rise with the girly within us and especially the growing girl — with a money W in females — and exactly how we are able to hook up to these forgotten areas of ourselves,” she mentioned. “My personal hope is that because of the remembrance regarding the long-lost artwork with the womanly we will make even more balance and balance both within our selves and in the world around us all.”

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